016: Germans and Romans I: Cimbrian Wars


First episode on the Germans and Romans. The first contact between them did not end well for the Romans… but it ended even worse for the Cimbri.

013: Martin Luther and His 95 Thesis


This is from an interview with Der Buddler from the German archeological podcast Angegraben… except translated into English.

October 31st Martin Luther nailed his 95 thesis to the Castle Church door in Wittenberg. Or did he?

007: Sky Disk of Nebra: from an Interview with Der Buddler


I did a pilgrimage to Wittenberg, but not because of Martin Luther, instead to meet the Buddler, the host of Angegraben (German Podcast) and das Geheime Kabinett (aslo a German podcast), to learn more of the Sky Disk of Nebra.

Anyway, the Sky Disk of Nebra. About 3600 years old: